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9th-Jan-2011 09:28 pm - mad .______.
i'm srsly mad .______.
wtf!!!!!! i'm already tired...... srsly.
and now i find out there are cyberbullies among my good friends on mf. zzzzzzz
WHAT THE F!!!! Even among the mf forums, there can be a gang of cyberbullies just hiding around ._.

Oh yeap, speaking of which, my first week of school... Totally just... Lonely.
And also a little nostalgic. haha.
Saw my juniors~ my cute little juniorssss. They're so small lol!!! I was expecting umm well. basically tall juniors? xD lol. >_>

Just stab me
Why can't one day be without problems?! WHAT IS WRONG!!!!!!
3rd-Dec-2010 09:14 pm - Just feel like pulling my hair out
...............srsly lol @_@
Aaaah I can think nothing of to post @_@ *cries in corner ;____________;
I've been like crying in corners the whole day LOL.

Time is like a memory
You can't turn back time
You can't change time
You can't rush time

Rubbish. lol. I shall edit tmr. Cya~
2nd-Dec-2010 11:16 pm - December
I actually really gotta go (11pm here already haha) but I'm gonna write a short post. lol.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *panicks* what have I been doing?! It's already 2nd of Dec and I didn't notice @_@ omfg lol.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! No betsuma/margaret <\3 sigh*

Hahaha I'm super jealoussss. today all I've done is be jealous/envious of other people. lol..... complex.... lol.

Okay. Gotta goooo. Will write a proper post tmr xD haha. cya!
30th-Nov-2010 11:27 am - Reaching the end of November
It's going to be December already! Aaaaaa so fast.
I haven't even gotten any of my books for next year yet. :\

Gonna go kino later to get Cookie (& hopefully Ribon! I hope they have Yumemiro Pattissiere this month X_X) 
Well I'm going to buy Crimson Hero 18 in japanese. Wish me luck on reading it haha.
& after stalking Kino's weekly japanese mag list, I have to conclude that they really don't import betsuma and margaret ;_______;

Anyway I've been pretty mindless lately. :\ Grats on the new mf mag team btw. :)
lol. Okay. I'm gonna go listen to Path of the Wind again and again until I can tell which part is which. haha.

19th-Nov-2010 06:18 pm - These 16 days...
...I've been doing a lot of crap. lol.
Srsly, I don't know what am I doing now. -_-

Read a lot of manga, bought my first all-japanese manga (i totally don't understand anything except for the kanji) and I guess just hanging around...?

My current obsession: Crimson Hero - Volleyball/Yuushinnnnn/Nobaraaaaa/Haibukiiiii. xD
I hope Kino imports Margaret or Betsuma. The cover of Betsuma this month is Yumeiru Taiyou! ;|
If not, I think I'll just stick to LaLa, Cookie & Ribon >_>; *sigh

Recently I've also been really active on the mf forums, so if you do want a stalker/stalkee, you can always find me ;D
3rd-Nov-2010 06:07 pm - Dear you
Quick update! :)

Reading Akuma to Love Song, it's nice :D
I don't know what am I doing nowww. So confused. X_X
I'm also too scared to ask about my transfer now that my mum's like "-_-" < Yup, imagine this face. It more or less looks like it.

Below is something I dunno what to say really. I think I will give this face (-_-) too. or (O.o) or (>_>) / (<_<)

?Collapse )
1st-Nov-2010 12:16 pm - 1st day of november
Helloooo. How's everybody today? hahahaha.
I'm being a little insane right now, coz it's super windy and my curtain is making weird noises. Yup.
Had er, I guess, quite normal halloween? It was a really quiet day and I tried to play sad music on the piano but sadly I can't because with the way I play the piano, everything seems really very fast... which makes sad music not so sad anymore. o_o
No candy (still sick :( aww) and no tricks (automatically found out because I'd either a - cough, b - clear my throat, c - sneeze, d - blow my nose) so it's another normal halloween with nothing going on. Like every year. :|
And the last day of October just passed with a lazy me doing nothing but sneezing and watching Harper's Island reruns.

Below are just some random things, lemme not waste your time ;)Collapse )
30th-Oct-2010 08:09 pm - Blurry
Just back, had not too bad a day today~
Compared to other boring days at least.
Dreamed some really weird dreams earlier this day too, like on my home at the ninth floor, there's some people outside the window walking and two people parachuting down?! Errr yeah I don't get what I'm dreaming of either.
Then suddenly my dream just ended and I woke up at 9am. Exactly.
Apparently I fell asleep while reading Beauty Pop because it took too long to load -_-"

Reading Beauty Pop now!
Read Tokyo Crazy Paradise, but stopped because I was kinda bored...
Wanted to read Beauty Pop after that but mangareader kinda sucks.. So it took really long to load + some of the pages couldn't load at all.
So I read Aozora Yell! And I loved it :D
Y'know I realised after I joined band, that I really really reeeeaaaalllyyyy liked band till I'm sorta obsessed with things that have some relation t band?
Yeap, so that kinda has something t do with band~ Or the trumpet any way. ;)
Gonna buy the japanese version @ kino if I have the chance. :D 

All rightttt. Shall read my manga now @_@ Gotta finish finish finish it fast coz I wna start reading Strobe Edge too! (Recommended by friend ;D)
30th-Oct-2010 08:02 pm - Writer's Block: How old is too old?
Are you ever too old to go trick-or-treating? Is candy for everyone?

Candy is for everyone rawr.
Anyone who disagrees just hates candy.

I don't think I'm too old -_-
Is a teenager counted as old anyway?!
And no one is too old to go trick-or-treating!
Throw in a costume or a mask and just go! ;)
29th-Oct-2010 01:15 pm - Sick Days
I've been coughing a lot lately and skipped the last week of school.
And now i can't even go out without feeling dizzy. Argh. Just went out to meet Maria at the bus stop so she can help me return my almost overdue books and to give her back her dictionary and standing down there, sweating and feeling sick even though it's a rather windy day isn't really helping to keep my mood up. -_-
In other words, Being sick in this type of climate is no good.

Halloween's coming too, roar. I wna dress up! Have trick-or-treating! Or just partying.
But apparently it is rarely celebrated around here. Or at least my circle of friends. Gah.

Recently finished Ouran High Host Club too, it's quite nice haha. I'm still deciding whether I like Hikaru or Kaoru more ;) 

Gonna watch the SYF Marching Band videos now! Watched the Deyi one on my senior's blog and I really reeeeeaaaalllyyyy like the drum major! hahaha. He's cool ;D
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